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Paying It Forward — Going Forward

Paying It Forward — Going Forward

There was strong enough interest in my Helping Each Other Out: Paying It Forward post to take the next step — creating a section here where we can reach out to each other with requests for and offers of help.

I want to keep this very simple. So I’ll dedicate this slot on the home page to “Pay It Forward”.

Here’s how it will work:

If you need help — post a reply to this comment. Make it as specific as possible — date, time, place and skills needed. ┬áIf you want to help, post a comment or a reply to a previous request for help. Either way, make sure there is a way to contact you — like through your website or an email address. You may want to monitor this section to see what new messages have been posted.

A quick reminder about “Pay It Forward”. The basic concept is that we do a good deed for someone who, in turn, does a good deed for another. The deed gets passed around and if you believe in Karma, it ultimately comes back to us. (Of course, more often than not, doing the good deed is its own best reward. Whether we just feel good about what we’ve done, or we meet a new person, or we learn a new technique, there are many reasons for doing good deeds.) This is not the place to get inexpensive help, or to find a way not to pay assistants. This is the place to turn to, occasionally, when a job just overwhelms us and we need an extra set of hands to complete it — hands that we cannot afford, at this time. (BTW — the mailings for this site go to a large international audience. No matter where you are, don’t hesitate to post.)

Finally, and obviously, this is simply a place to contact fellow photographers. Because I do not vet the people who post here, I take absolutely no responsibility for them in any way. Please, figure out a way to get to know each other before you work together. Talk on the phone. Share examples of your work. Develop a comfort level with each other BEFORE you work together.

If enough people find value in this section, I’ll make it a permanent fixture of the site. If not, I’ll use the space some other way.

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