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PrairieFire Productions, Inc. is the home of Stephen J. Herzberg and:

hand-90x90 Nationally recognized speakers and small classes, in a fully equipped, full service photography studio – everything you want to know about photography but are afraid to ask. That’s what makes the Hands-On Seminars special
newspaper-90x901 What started as a series of email to 5 of my friends has morphed into something quite a bit different. With a circulation of more than 45,000, worldwide, the Hands-On Newsletter remains idiosyncratic, unpredictable and unscheduled. Typical issues contain diverse content – a bit of philosophy, product reviews, tips from the pros, seminar announcements – I never know what an issue will contain until I sit down and write it.
A full service creative studio specializing in theme driven images and campaigns.
film A television and movie production company, owned by Emmy and Blue Ribbon award winning producer/writer/director Stephen J. Herzberg.