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Build Your Book (Portfolio)

Trying to get going in the photography business?

Need to build a strong book of your work — a portfolio to show prospective clients?

Not have the complete studio you need to do so?

Lack a bit of confidence? Want someone to help you achieve your goals?

Build Your Book is perfect for you.

Have practical questions like how to find a model or a MUA?  How to best pose or present your subjects? How to communicate with your subject so that the image tells the story you think needs to be told?

Build Your Book is perfect for you.

The idea is simple. From portraits to products, the approach is the same. Come in and we will plan your shoots — discuss the concepts, create the story boards, decide on the lighting patterns.

Come back when you are ready, and you will shoot with our help — in our state-of-the-art studio.

Interested. Contact us for a fee schedule.