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Create Your Own Course

Are you committed to learning photography but having a hard time finding classes that teach exactly what you want to learn when you want to learn it?

Do you come out of group classes thinking that there was material covered that wasted your time?

When in class, are you too shy to ask what you fear are “dumb questions”?

Do you learn better in very small groups than you do in 1:1 situations?

If so, Create Your Own Course is perfect for you.

Choose the curriculum, choose your classmates, choose the time — learn just what you want and when you want it.

From the very basics to advanced topics and everywhere in between.

For example, want to shoot a model but have no idea how to set it up and do it? That’s something we can teach you. Want to learn how to light and shoot “products” or stills? That’s something we can teach you. Interested in the hard light, glamour lighting of the 30’s and 40’s? That’s something we can teach you. Or, simply want to learn how to use your meter and studio lights? That’s something we can teach you.

Create Your Own Course, a subsection of the popular Hands-On Photography seminars.

Personal training for you or a small group, in a full service, high end, Houston studio.

Price? It depends on the content of the course and the time it will take to teach it.

Want to know more? To get the ball rolling, fill out a Contact form.